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PostPosted: Mon Oct 26, 2015 6:11 pm    Post subject: Nate's Milwaukee Duplex Reply with quote

I attended one of John's window workshops in May 2014.
John, I assumed the easiest thing is to start a thread just for my project, keeping it all in one place?

Project: Duplex home built in 1921. All windows are original yet, but nearly all are in dire need of repair. Over 60 sash to deal with, a few original wood storms.

I want to start on my own windows (2nd floor unit) this fall and winter. Eventually I'll move on to the 1st floor and basement windows down the road, when I have the process a bit more streamlined. My least busy time of year is now through January. I also likely will have 7-9 days off of work around the holidays, so I would like to take full advantage of this time. But, living in Wisconsin, I imagine winter weather will put a wrinkle in how I do things.
Workspace: In a garage I can heat with a torpedo heater. Basement of the house is unheated, and gets down to the low 40s in really cold weather. So I don't have a continuously heated space to work in. I can bring sash into the house to dry.

Almost all of my sash, frames and trim are covered in several layers of paint. I'd like some input on a few things:

Stripping the frames and jambs: How best to do this? Is steam OK indoors at all? Or only if I can hang the steamer out the window while srcraping? Or soy paste stripper? Or?

Priming and painting the sash:
Not sure here, I see 2 options. 1: Prime the sash now and reinstall, and remove again in May or so for painting. 2: Prime the sash now, and let it sit indoors for a couple weeks to skin over, then paint it, and then reinstall. Downside is that I can then only have a couple windows in process at one time and I end up with some of my off time spent waiting for putty to skin over.
I don't mind uninstalling the sash twice, the stops and window trim will get dealt with separately/later as far as stripping/refinishing. Just wanted to get some opinions on if I can paint a primed sash months later, or is that not advisable? Is it OK to let the putty skin over during the winter months? If I am go several months between reglazing and painting, should I look at using Sarco Dual Glaze vs the Type M? From what I've seen, the only advantage to Type M is that it skins over more quickly?

Window frame finishing: Still not completely clear on what get's painted and what doesn't.
Sash tracks are generally unpainted/unfinished, correct? Parting bead is to remain unpainted as well? Is there any part of the frame that gets painted other than the sill, and the outer portion of the blind stops? (I know there's a lot of variation here, and we may pursue the thinned oil paint option if my wife requires color there, just wanted to nail down best practice first.)

Thanks! Planning on documenting my adventure as I get into it, just as Julie L has.
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 03, 2015 8:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Are you stripping the paint on both sides of the sash? If so, I'd recommend building a steam box as it would be faster.

Whatever you do, it will get faster with practice. And I found that keeping a checklist of the process posted on my workspace wall really helps with the workflow, especially when the work is intermittent. And definitely worth browsing about in the forum for all kinds of good tips. Good luck. Look forward to seeing some pics of your project.
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