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PostPosted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 3:07 am    Post subject: PreTreat & repair & prime steps Reply with quote

First: Hi! This is my first post... Thank you for getting me approved! Thank you for all your wonderful advice in this form... I've learned a lot but... Still a bit Confused...

I'm in SoCal.. Got a 1920's build building with wood Windows. I'm Trying to do right by them

Would you please clarify steps to prepping wood...

I was using this as a guide:

but then saw a post where you said to do Epoxy repairs First.. Thus.. Confusion. Sorry.

The Scene: Windows: peeling, flaking paint from last paint 5 years ago. They supposedly Removed All layers of built up old oil paint (they used remover to do so..). Not that it mattered. . Not sure if they now have oil or latex. It's all coming off.

Areas of massive damage, rotted wood on sills :(

This is what I've gathered but not sure it's correct:

1: scrape off loose paint as best as possible

2: do 2 part Epoxy Repairs (not Bondo but the good stuff Abeltron)
(What's that about using Linseed Glazing instead?!?!)

<somehow missed this.. And did this step as last step on a few Windows.. Major trouble I guess. Can't be worse than it is now)

3: Wood Hardner
(Wouldn't doing this Before Boracare prevent penetration of the protection stuff? Or does that not matter once using hardener?)

4: Boracare or Glycol to kill bad things in the wood.

5: Penetrol
(Wipe off after 10 mins)
(What do I do if it dried & now shiny? Ugh)

6: prime with an Oil Based primer
(which must be bought from a smuggler here in CA).

6a: what would happen if primed with one of those clear peel stop primers??

7. Topcoat with Rustoleum oil paint which is Only option in CA..
(Smuggler charges a fortune for actual Oil paint in Ca.. So impossible..
Or maybe I'll do a border run...if it's worth it).
Just tell me it's worth it..

*should I be treating with straight BLO somewhere in this scheme?? Or does the Penetrol cover that enough to satisfy my very thirsty wood??

*WRENCH in above workflow: Abeltron claims one can use their Hardner before their epoxy. Is this true?

*** Larger Wrench: .. If wood needs A LOT of epoxy repairs.. That means wood is soft/damaged.. Doing epoxy First leaves the underneath wood Untreated, no??

And do you use epoxy to seal down edges of peeling paint (because paint peels every 3 years.. Can't afford to strip it every time)?... Ugh. More epoxy then? Ugh.

Ball of Confusion... Keeps going...

Thank you for the clarification!!

Dear Abbey.. I mean John.. I'm trying to repair my relationship with my windows... Please help... Thank you! Cracked & Peeling in Tinseltown
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