Wanting some advice on recapturing the historic look
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, 2021 4:17 pm    Post subject: Wanting some advice on recapturing the historic look Reply with quote

Thanks for adding me to the forum this is my first post. I am looking for some advice on restoring the charm to my historic beach house.



This beach house is 200 feet from Lake Winnipeg in Canada. It was built in 1910, is 3000 square ft, and originally had 12 small bedrooms which were rented out in the summer as a sort of lodging house. It is quite a fantastic property and still has the interior intact including 20 ft high vaulted balloon framing ceilings.. so we will do a full restoration inside to replace the missing period lighting, refresh the bedrooms, refinish the wood floors, and create a vintage kitchen where a 1980's one was added.


The exterior is where I am stumped.. Somewhere along the way, the screen porch was added, and some 1070's style soffits and facia and eves trough. The closing in of the eves ruined the look of the original framing the showed along the front. I want to keep the screen porch, but do something to restore the charm. We will be painting it navy blue and white, and adding window boxes. This is an older cottage nearby that shows what the framing looked like.


I am trying to sort out how to deal with this... should I?

-remove the soffits and facia (the ends of the framing have been cut, so I would have to add them back on, and I would then have no eves trough)

-Remove just the underneath soffits, and expose the framing studs, leaving the facia and eve trough on.

-Leave it as is, and try and add some craftsman brackets to the corners or something like that.

-Leave it as is, and add some charm with a custom name sign, along the front of the porch similar to this cottage?


I tried to ask for advice on a Facebook group, and was name-called, and harassed, and even had someone tell me I was trying to make a tiny 1970's cottage look like a vintage one. I am hoping for some intelligent advice on this forum.

My question really is "What would you do to restore the vintage charm if it was your vintage cottage?"
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