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Here you can view recordings of past video conferences.

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Please let me know how you are using these conference replays. This will help us plan the future of the series.
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-- John,
by hammer and hand great works do stand,
by mind and heart we share the art


Catalog & Table of Contents to replays of past conferences:


  June 26, 2007, Lead-Safe Operations, View the Replay
Go To:  Window Sash Easel
Hip Pack Vacuum & ProScraper vacuum scraper demonstration
ProScraper in action
Sash painting & glazing discussion
Sash deglazing in a steam box discussion





May 22, View the Replay
Stone Walls, Doorway flashing.


May 8, 2007, Painting, View the Replay

Keywords: brush, brushes, gator grit, historic homeworks, paint, paint brush, paint brushes, paint eater, paint removal, painting, painting window sash, removal, sash, shellac, shellac on window sash, wagner, wagner paint eater, window



Mar.27, 2007, Shellac Color, View the Replay

Go To: Preservation Brief, Preserving Historic Wood Porches
Jamison's window project, stripping paint, re-shellacking (see his photos here)
Matching wood color with stain, shellac, aniline dyes, pigments
Slate Roof
Longleaf or southern yellow pine, salvage lumber
Foam insulation



Mar.13, 2007, Plaster & Peeling Paint, View the Replay
Go To:  Ken's Bathroom Plaster & Peeling Paint
More plaster & paint discussion
Scoring plaster to imitate subway tile
Shellac on window sash

Thanks from Ken! (you're welcome)




Feb.6, 2007,Painting & Windows, View the Replay
Go To:    My dad's old brush box
Interior stom windows
Cold weather and window condensation

(click for map of replay viewers)



Jan.23, 2007, Shop work, Grants & Work crews, View the Replay
John joins the edge of a board with his Wooden Hand Plane
Strength of Wood-Epoxy repairs in window frame joints
Tom gets a Renovation Grant in Iowa
Filling fireplace hearth gaps for safety and weatherization.

Liz can't get her carpentry crew to hang a door. Why Not?



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Jan.9, 2007, Foundation Cracks & Traditional Paint, View the Replay



Jan.9, 2007, Posts & Repairs, View the Replay
Go to rotting porch post: Replace or Repair?
Cypress Wood
Borate Preservative & Paint Adhesion
BoraCare Migration
Borates & Epoxy
Paint: Insider's Secrets, learn what the paint makers don't want you to know.




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Jan.2nd, 2007, Posts & Plans, View the Replay
Go to Rotting Post Bottoms
Go to  Closet/Bath Floor Plans




Dec.26th, 2006, View the Replay
Brief comments on closet/bath floor plans and rotting posts, with planning for the meeting next week.



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Nov.27th, 2006, Interior Storms, View the Replay
Go to temporary window closures
Interior Air Panels 
  Edge Gasket Weatherstripping
Moisture Condensation
Video Conferencing System
Panel Costs & Labor
Plastic Film Repairs



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Oct.2nd, 2006, Porch Rails & Nails View the Replay
Porch Rails with sketches of rail/column joint with backer rod and sealant
Nail Pulling 
Tool Box:  slide-hammer nail puller
Back saws, shooting boards, miter boxes
Trades Books: Audels Carpenters & Builders Guide on Miter Boxes



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Sept. 11th, 2006 Window Stabilization  See replay in the big viewer
Brace a Sash Joint
Tape Cracked Glass
Cover Deteriorated Sill
Trades Books: The Slate Roof Bible, by Joseph Jenkins
Slate Shingle Removal
Tool Box: Shingle Ripper
Traditional Materials:  Birch Bark Flashing (???!!)
Paint on Metal
International Preservation Trades Workshop announced by Ken Follett
for more info go to the website: iptw.org.



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Aug.28th, 2006, Windows & Working Lead-Safe  See replay in the big viewer;  
Trades Books:  Audel's Carpenters & Builders Guide, glazing points 
Tool Box: we look at a beading scratch stock, HEPA vac & power planer, putty knives
Demonstration:  Setting Glazing Points, trimming points to fit narrow glazing rabbet shoulders
Work Methods:  Lead-Safe Operations



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Aug.21th, 2006, Trades Manuals See replay in the big viewer;  
We take a look at my old carpentry trades manuals and books




Aug.14th, 2006,Window Weatherstripping:   See replay in the big viewer;  
Go to Fin and Pile type  
Go to EasyStop weatherstripping from  from Advanced Repair Technology
Go to Spring Brass type
Go to Is Weatherstripping always a good thing to do?




Monday Aug.7th, 2006, Painting & Glazing   See replay in the big viewer;  
Ralph and VictorianMan discuss painting and glazing.




July 31th, 2006,Window Storms & Screens:   See replay in the big viewer;  
Go to SpenserWorks Storm Windows and Hardware
Go to traditional storm window with sliding light
Go to 1920s painting trades manual and Steven Schuyler Bookseller to buy your own
Stories: John makes milk paint with his dad in the 1930s, Tom's granddad goes to painter's trade school in Chicago in the 1920s




July 25th, 2006, Window Glazing:  See replay in the big viewer
Go to Glazing Demonstration
Go to Traditional Linseed Oil Putty
Go to Putty Tooling Technique
Go to Glaze-Ease 601, Elastomeric Glazing Sealant
Visit the Forum for Product, Publication and Service Sources, and other Q&A




July 17th, 2006, Window Glazing:  See replay in the big viewer
Go to paint discussion
Go to Window Glazing Demo
Visit the Forum for Glazing Point Sources, and other Q&A




July 10th, 2006, Painting:  See replay in the big viewer  
John & Roger from North Carolina talk about selecting paint products, penetrating primers, crawl space moisture & ventilation, and the amazing cement-fiber roofing shingles that last a century.


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