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These video Reports from the Field provide an up front insider’s view of real projects as they happen. The video style is “rough & ready.” I assume you would like straight talk, hard facts and true grit for free, rather than paying the big bucks for scripted hype, Hollywood glitz and fancy production values. Shaky camera? Gimme a break, I'm probably hanging off the scaffold with one hand to get the shot just for you. -- John

"John regularly posts some of the most interesting & educational restoration videos available via his web site video column Reports From the Field "  --David Maas, HistoricPreservation.com

Video Reports from the Field:


Live Broadcasts & Replays

Barn Paint & Wood Repairs Project   

Watch right here, if it's not live you can view the most recent replay by clicking the big white > arrow, or clicking on "Archive" and selecting past replays in the list beneath. Broadcast doesn't come up or stalls out? Refresh your browser window. You can click on the gray 'slider bar' just beneath the image to jump to another section of the replay. The work includes:
==> Steam Paint Removal: equipment, tools, methods and techniques
==> Lead Safe Operations: personal gear, ground containment, lead residue collection and disposal
==> Woodwork Repairs: clapboard splits, clapboard replacement, filling nail holes
==> Painting: pre-treatments, oil-base primer, acrylic topcoats

With work underway most fair-weather days June through July. Real-time live broadcasts over the internet, "Real time" means that it is not edited for your entertainment pleasure. It shows exactly what it is like to work for hours upon hours, but it is the real work of this world with real benefits.

See the Steam Paint Removal field report:

Learn more about Steam Paint Removal at the discussion forum:


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Video & Preservation:
John, Paul, Phil & Enric discuss why we do video over the internet, at the video bloggers meeting. The heart of the matter.