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Save America’s Windows
SAM-CoverFrontSml  The Book
Learn how to avoid falling under the spell of the window replacement salesman. Covers traditional methods and the latest in modern high-tech materials and techniques.  Many specific step-by-step treatments to glaze and paint sashes, repair weathered sills and deteriorating sash. 177 pages, 230 illustrations. $35.

“….John’s trademark hands-on, step-by-step instructions and famously lucid illustrations. …photos in particular are marvels of clarity and veracity…”

— Gordon Bock, Editor-in-Chief, Old-House Journal

Available online at:
or call 207 773-2306

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Ask questions, upload photos, get replies from window specialists across the country and dedicated do-it-yourselfers just like you:
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Online Live Video Conferences
Join John and others who are actively repairing and maintaining their wood windows. See putty glazing and other demonstrations. Talk with others saving their windows.

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Maine Window Stories

Portland Windows

I own a c. 1890 home in the West End (Portland)– I recently had it under contract to sell, but after the home inspection the buyers requested $25k taken off the price so that they could rip out all 12 vintage windows and put in replacements.

In the process of deciding how to respond to them, I found this website. The information (& inspiration) here gave me confidence that saying “no” to this demand would be the best thing for my wallet, the house, and the world. (Unfortunately the buyers didn’t see it the same way.) Also, I learned a lot about my windows and their potential.

Now I’m motivated to look into having them rehabilitated. I’m planning to call some of the people on your “window specialists” list to seek some estimates.

— Dan, Portland, June 2012


Lewiston Windows

John, I checked out your save the windows page. You are a man from my own heart regarding antique windows in antique homes. I am all for the latest in window technology in new homes (they really are much more efficient) but in old New England homes (pre-1920) I feel it is a travesty to replace the original period sash units with new “drop-in” (UGLY) windows. Even the best wooden windows of today do not capture the architectural feel of the originals.
Additionally, we all know that the dollars saved in energy consumption, after replacing 25 period windows with 25 new windows including parts and labor for removal and install is something like 10-20 years… vs the minimal cost of restoring the originals, which retains the historical integrity of our old homes.

Countless folks I know have practically laughed at me for being so naive as to “waste my time” rebuilding my old “leaky, inefficient, worn-out” original double-hungs and not just choosing the “simple” route of buying 22 new “inexpensive” vinyl windows. (that’s approx. $7000-$10,000!!!)

My house, (as-if it isn’t ugly enough now) would be even more ugly with those damned vinyl atrocities all over it!

They just don’t get it. In contrast, here in Lewiston (a Mecca of old worn out brick factories and office buildings from 100 years ago) they are beginning to restore a few of the nicer old office buildings…  one of them is now the home of the Androscoggin County Chamber of Commerce. The windows were all replaced with period-looking replicas (at least they look period)… The building looks fantastic. Sometimes people get it right. I don’t see any such “period” windows readily available to the general public for residential use. These things must have cost a lot, either that or all the originals were restored, which i doubt.

— Mike Lachance, Lewiston, Dec. 2008

If you have saved a window here in Maine, let me know ( and I will post your story here. Tradespeople and do-it-yourselfers welcome.

Window Specialists in Maine

The following window specialists will be happy to repair and maintain your fine old windows without trying to sell you a houseful of cheap plastic imitation windows. If you know of a tradesperson or contractor who has done good work saving windows, let me know and I’ll list them here.

Marc Bagala
Bagala Window Works
207 887-9231
677 Main Street, Westbrook, Maine 04092
Full window restoration service serving Maine. Sash can be shipped from anywhere to Mark’s shop for refurbishing and shipped back.

Evan Emmott
Maine Modern Woodworks
51 George Luce Road
P.O. Box 698
Waldoboro, ME 04572
Storm windows and accurate historic reproduction windows for old houses (no repairs or maintenance of old window)

Mike Lachance
Lewiston, ME
mike (at) tz250racing (dot) com
Phone: (207)333-7050
High quality restoration of 1860-1920 antique windows and storms, including rebuilding of frames, boxes, resizing sashes and storms, glazing, exterior and interior finishing, window frame work, sealing, wood repair.
Service Area: All of Maine, travel cost may be added south of Saco or north of Bangor

Greg & Leah Gordon
Highland Window Works Partners
371 Camden Road
Hope, Maine 04847
gordon (at) highlandwindowworks (dot) com
Historic Restoration, Practical Preservation and Aesthetic Creation of the Wooden Windows of Historic Homes, Cottages and Commercial sites.

Todd Devenish
Wooden Window Restoration Company
P.O. Box 483
Stonington, ME 04681
Phone: (207) 367-5599
Email: todd (at) woodsash (dot) com
Window restoration

Nate Jung
3 Breezy Lane
Bath, Maine 04530
nate (at) antiquewindowrestoration (dot) com
restoring antique windows to their original form and function


The following tradespeople and contractors also do some good window work:

Caleb Hemphill, Preservation Carpenter
3 Dunham Pond Lane
Falmouth, ME 04105-
207 878-9351
chemp (at) maine.rr (dot) com
Preservation carpentry and historic window work.

Bob Kelly
House Revivers, Inc.
73 Pine St # 1
Bangor, ME 04401-6662
207 945-6147
repairs and restores wood windows

Crosby Hatch
74 Mountain View Drive
Otisfield, ME 04270
207 595-3438
207 583-2833
cjhatch (at) peoplepc (dot) com

Ed Somers Woodworking
PO Box 192, North Bridgton, ME 04057
207 415-1344
edsomerswoodworking (at) gmail (dot) com
Restoration carpentry, including window preservation.

Keith Hoffses
467 Friendship Road
Waldoboro, ME 04572
207 832 7942
keith24 (at) live (dot) com
covesidellc (at) live (dot) com
We really do like old windows, the way they look, the solid wood, the wavy glass, the true divided lites, the old hardware.

Jim Brake
Custom Painting
P.O. Box 2
Naples, ME 04103
207 542-9716
jimbrake67 (at) gmail (dot) com
Painting contractor with window repair experience.
(has attended workshops or training with John Leeke)

Patrick Mealey & Joyce Jackson
PO Box 216
9 Lupine Way
Perry, Maine 04667
(207) 853-9504
specializes in historic renovations and restoration including window restoration



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