diverting water!
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 21, 2013 5:43 pm    Post subject: diverting water! Reply with quote

i have a sunroom that was made in the 1970's (i think) by pouring a slab of concrete next to the back brick wall of the house. The "builders" framed it out and then for some reason used foam board instead of plywood for the outside walls - they then attached siding to that. Inside, they insulated and put up drywall.

here's the problem: the level of the slab is exactly the level of the little porch outside that you step on...underneath the pressure treated porch boards you can see about an inch or two of space and then dirt. I think that at one time it may have been deeper but debris has fallen in and so when a heavy rain happens, the water runs right down the planks and on to the threshold of the door where it is getting in under the flashing and into my room! The threshold of the door is sound from what i can see - but the board outside that ran under the screen door frame is completely rotted so i tore it out. And obviously any caulking they did is not there - in one area of the room, one of the joists that lays on the floor is completely rotted in a small section by the door! I've included a pic and you can see i tore out the bottom area of the porch - so other than some rather large tree roots, i have a fairly clean slate...

i am thinking that instead of using porch boards again, i could use bricks (with the polymeric mortar sand that hardens) and also re-grade that area - but i am kind of stumped when it comes to the threshold area that you would walk out onto. perhaps a 1 inch thick piece of slate (running up and under the metal screened door frame) and then step down onto the bricks?

Does anyone have ideas or suggestions? This is my first attempt at exterior work like this!

ps- on the upper part of the porch the "builders" left a 10 inch gap between the porch and the house - and then constructed a flower box which i tore out because it completely rotted through and was against the house! So that is another issue.... how to finish that area .... but that's a project for another day ;-)

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