Lots of questions about refinishing Fir floors
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 28, 2007 11:14 pm    Post subject: Lots of questions about refinishing Fir floors Reply with quote


Sorry for the long post...so many questions!!! I am fairly new to this forum and have just (and I mean just) closed on a 1931 house in the northwest. I know not that old, but it has some character even though it has been neglected for many years.

The first order of business is that we want to refinish the floors before moving in. The downstairs has around 300 ft/2 of fir floors that were covered with vinyl stick-on "tiles". We removed these with irons and hair-dryers, but there is a significant amount of glue residue. So, we see refinishing as the best option.

We have one flooring quote currently for what comes out to $3.30 ft/2 which is for sanding and putting on 3 coats of Sweedish finish. However, we thought that perhaps there might be some other finish options that might be easier to maintain (or more suitable for fir) considering that the floors will be seeing kids and may be mistreated at times.

Is the sweedish best for keeping the floor in good shape or is it just the "standard" that is used?
How frequently would it need to be refinished considering that it will be mistreated with little kids?
Would other finishes allow us to "touch-up" or re-finish every few years
Would other fihishes not protect as well as a sweedish finish?

One thing we are doing is not refinishing a dining area which has wood floors, but 2 linoleum floors over it We would like to refinish the floors, but don't have a lot of time. Is not taking these out now a mistake since we will have to refinish this area after we have moved in later?

We are also quite poor now that we have paid all of our money to the bank and various inspectors and assessors. Does anyone have any tips that might save us some $$?
I'm reasonably handy, but don't think that refinishing a soft wood floor is something that I should attempt if we want to get moved in soon.
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 14, 2007 9:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

A couple of thoughts. You would like to refinish the floors but admit you are broke and not in yet. I just bought my house last spring and also wanted to refinish the floors prior to moving in, as well as a alot of other things. It didn't work out that way. You say the house has been neglected. Fix the mechanicals first. Heat and plumbing should be thoroughly examined and repaired first. In short, be tough about it. What you need comes first, what you want comes later. You need hot water, heat, electric. You would like nice shiny new floors.
When you are really ready to refinish the floors, you will have had time to investigate finishes and their individual benefits. Swedish is a great finish but so is polyurethane. Each finish has different benefits and drawbacks. Kids will require a tough, durable finish. Swedish looks fantastic, maybe not so tough or durable. Polyurethane tough as nails, not as pretty. Maybe one for one room, the other for another room. But your pipes are currently falling apart and the roof leaks.
Save yourself some stress. Move in, get settled, re assess and prioritize. After about six months your sense of urgency will recede and you can think more clearly.
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